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Bali is one of the most magical destinations on the planet. Our small group tours to Bali focus on the fascinating Balinese culture of the Island of the Gods. One of the first things that strikes the visitor to Bali is the artistic soul of the island which finds expression in the Balinese visual and decorative arts, architecture, crafts and the music and dance which permeates the life of Bali.

Bali offers richly creative culture as well as myriad beautiful landscapes of cliff-lined coastlines buffering giant crashing waves of the Indian Ocean to brooding, imposing volcanoes and vistas of emerald green rice terraces.

Depsite being one of the world's most famous tourist destinations, you would assume that Bali would be spoiled and offer little authentic lifestyle for the traveler. With some planning and willingness to look beyond the well traveled Balinese destinations, authenic Balinese cultural activities can be experienced in non-touristic settings. As always we will be on the lookout for festivals and spontaneous happenings to enrich our experience in Bali.

Our long time partner in Bali is our good friend and English speaking guide Dewa Putu Gede. He is also a painter and carver. Dewa understands our desire to both see and experience the highlights Bali is famous for as well as for opportunities for getting off the beaten track to meet locals and experience the Balinese way of life. Dewa's friendship with many well known artists and dancers gives us an invaluable entr้e into the world of Balinese creativity and performance.

Our next trip scheduled for August, 2017

which is the coolest and driest month in Bali. It is also a month featuring many temple anniversary or Odalan ceremonies.

Bali Photo Gallery:

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Highlights of our Bali tour will include:

The Bali tour organizers and leaders are Steve Wilke and Sermsri Sarnnoy. Steve has lived and worked in Thailand for the past 28 years, Sermsri is a native of Thailand. Together we have traveled extensively in SE Asia with repeated visits to all our tour destinations. Our most recent tour to Burma was in 2012. To see traveler reviews of a recent trip to Myanmar visit our Blog Lanna Happenings accessed on our web site

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Other 2017 trips include:
Bhutan - October, 2017 | Nepal - November, 2017 | Myanmar - September and December, 2017 and January 2018

A note on our approach: Our tours takes us to beautiful, often diverse physical environments and to cultures from which we have much to learn. Our approach emphasizes person to person contact, achieved through scheduled visits to markets, schools, friend's homes, festivals, performances, monasteries and other spiritual places and through finding spontaneous opportunities to observe/join in as we travel along. We work with small respected in-country travel companies and employ excellent bilingual local guides and resource people many of whom are friends of many years. Also, we leave something behind through contributions for local projects that we discuss and agree on as we go. A minimum of $40 from each traveler's fee is reserved for this purpose. We seek to create a relaxed travel group, and purposely seek participants who support each others experience.

We are pleased to be collaborating on additional trips organized and led by our friends, Roger and Nancy Harmon. Over the past nine years Roger and Nancy have organized and led over twenty trips, and they remain passionate about introducing small groups of 8 - 10 travelers to places, people, and ways of being they find special. To check out their tours visit

Should you be interested in exploring northern Thailand we would like to suggest you consider a stay at our home stay Lanna Thai Villa, located in Chiang Rai province. Our web site and Blog Lanna Happenings provide details and photographs of our tranquil and well appointed Villa
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